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Updated ADSL packages


We are pleased to announce all inclusive ADSL packages starting from R209 per month. This includes the line rental, ADSL router and 1Gb of data. Accounts can be uncapped and additional unused data purchased is carried over to the next month. For more information click here


Mobile Wireless Broadband


We are pleased to announce that a range of 3G and HSDPA products are available from Maxitec. We also have some great cellular deals. Contact us on 086 1234 777 for more details.


Carry Over Data


Note that any unused additional bandwidth purchased will be carried over to the following month. Additional bandwidth costs between R75 and R95 per Gb depending on the package you are on. Your ADSL account can also be configured to be uncapped. Speak to our support people for more details or visit our website at www.maxitec.co.za.


CAP Determination

2006/10/18 (updated)

Usage records are updated every hour.  If you purchase a top-up, the portion of bandwidth you have used over and above your cap, will be deducted from the top-up.  Any unused top-up bandwidth will be carried over to the next month.  For optimal spending choose a package where you require no more than one top-up in a given month.


Important Notice


Starting in November 2005 ADSL usage will be billed according to the amount of data sent and received.  Each account will be packaged according to the amount of data purchased.  Packages will consist of 1,2,3,5,10,20 and 30GB.  Additional bandwidth can automatically purchased in increments of 1Gb.  If you do not choose to top-up your bandwidth your connection will be suspended until the end of the month when you will once again be allocated bandwidth according to the package you are on.

All ADSL users have been assigned a new username.  The password remains the same.  The username changes from user@dsl512maxitec.co.za to user@maxitecdsl.co.za.  The new username must be used to connect to the Internet and the account login page on this website. The Bandwidth statistics can be viewed by doing an account login.

Bandwidth statistics are updated daily and will reflect the last completed session.  No session will last longer than 24 hours.